Today, Spiroid and ITW Heartland announce the publishing of “Spiroid High Torque Skew Axis Gearing – A Technical Primer.” Authored by key Spiroid Engineering personnel, this document augments Spiroid’s marketing literature by focusing on Spiroid & Helicon’s technical foundation and highlighting their basic theory, sizing and application design. Per longtime Spiroid Engineer Frank Evertz, “If you’re an engineer that likes to understand the deeper technical background of a product or concept, you’ll get a kick out this paper. That being said, it’s not exactly a ‘casual’ read!”

This paper can be accessed as a PDF using the following link: Spiroid High Torque Skew Axis Gearing – A Technical Primer

About Spiroid 

The Spiroid & Helicon gearing brands are comprised of a pinion and a face-gear operating in non-intersecting and non-parallel axes – often referred to as ‘skew axis’. Spiroid and Helicon are advantageous in that they broaden gearing design opportunities restricted by the physical limitations of conventional gearing. Spiroid and Helicon represent a powerful design alternative for engineers looking to transmit higher torques, within smaller spaces, at right angles. Spiroid and Helicon: maximum power density in a right angle gearing solution.