Assembly & Mounting

For steel-on-steel applications, full synthetic extreme pressure oil is recommended. For cases where normal shock-free service is expected, SAE grade 90 should be used. For cases where heavy duty or high shock loading is expected, SAE grade 140 should be used for steel-on-bronze applications, full synthetic extreme pressure oil that is rated for usage with enclosed worm drives operating at medium to high speeds is recommended.

Note: oil fill level should cover the gear set mesh.

Proper alignment is critical for maximized gear set performance.  In preparation for assembly of the gear set, the housing should be inspected using the following guidelines.

The center distance, “A” dimension shown below, should be within ±0.001 inch per inch. (For example, a 3.000 inch center distance would have a tolerance of ±0.003 inch.)

The alignment of the bores, which will locate the pinion and gear, should also be checked. The shaft angle (usually 90˚) should be within ±5’. Deviation from the nominal shaft angle will cause a contact pattern shift between the assembled pinion and gear. Heavy localized contact toward the inner or outer band of gear teeth is not desirable.