We’re trusted by top agencies around the world for high torque solutions that fill a key design gap.

For more than 60 years, we’ve helped engineers solve tough gearing problems.  Access our technical papers, case studies and data sheets below. If you have a specific inquiry, contact our engineers directly.  (320) 762-7133.

Over 60 years of providing high torque and reliable gearing solutions.

Access our technical papers, case studies and data sheets below. If you have a specific inquiry, contact our engineers directly.  (320) 762-7133.

Certified AS9100D

Helicon vs. Worm


Find out where Helicon Gears have the advantage over Worm Gears.   Download the Case Studies here.

Maximize Torque

Case Study Helicon vs Worm

Minimize Space

Case Study Minimize space claim

Maximize Efficiency

Case Study Efficiency

Two primary gear types make up the Spiroid High Torque Gearing brand.

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Spiroid Gears are comprised of a pinion and a face-gear operating in non-intersecting and non-parallel axes. Broaden your gear design opportunities.

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Helicon is advantageous in that it broadens gearing design opportunities restricted by the physical limitations of conventional gearing.

Spiroid is trusted by some of the smartest companies around.

Spiroid’s skew-axis, high torque gears enable world-class power density – custom reduction gearboxes can meet your application’s needs. Does your application call for small right angle gearing that packs a big punch?

Total Spiroid, Helicon and Endicon high torque gears sets installed on aircraft over the past 50 years
Average percentage of gear teeth that a Spiroid or Helicon pinion simultaneously engages at any given time
# of Spiroid and Helicon gear sets installed on naval vessels over the past 50 years
# of unique cutting tools (hobs) that Spiroid inventories for use in new applications
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The Spiroid® Process

Depending on your application and time requirements, Spiroid will follow one of only two process paths leading from initial inquiry to quotation. Each path requires active communication and discovery from both Spiroid and its prospective customers. Click to, Learn More

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If you have an application requiring Spiroid’s unique blend of big torque in a small form factor, we’d love to hear about it! Access Spiroid’s Application Data Sheet now.

Lead times associated with discovery and communication are minimized with an Application Data Sheet that is thoroughly completed.

F16 military jet

I have used Spiroid gear products to solve many difficult design problems. These gears are a hidden gem that many designers are unaware of. The combination of compact form factor, high torque capacity, and customization has allowed me to design many highly integrated products. Being able to work hand-in-hand with the design staff to create customized gearsets is what sets Spiroid apart form any other gear manufacturer I have worked with.

Adam Couture, Wyss Institute, Harvard University

As a Consulting Mechanical Engineer, I have come across several design challenges over the last few years wherein there were needs for right angle drives with high speed reduction requirements. Realizing there are few ways to package a high speed reduction into limited space, I have consulted with ITW Heartland, the only domestic company manufacturing right angle Spiroid and Helicon gearing. Although there are other gear types one could consider, Spiroid gearing offers an excellent approach to difficult design problems. I have found the Spiroid Engineers to be very knowledgeable and eager to take on special designs in situations where off-the-shelf gears or gearboxes are not suited.

Troy Porter, Owner of Drive Solutions & former Boeing Engineer