Spiroid's skew-axis, high torque gears enable world-class power density - custom reduction gearboxes can meet your application's needs. Does your application call for small right angle gearing that packs a big punch?

Spiroid®  vs Helicon®

Helicon® and Spiroid® gear forms are a proven competitive advantage.

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Spiroid VS Helicon
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The Spiroid brand is comprised of a pinion and a face-gear operating in non-intersecting and non-parallel axes.

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Helicon is advantageous in that it broadens gearing design opportunities restricted by the physical limitations of conventional gearing.

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Our Endicon brand of indexing and face coupling rings are used for inline power transmission where zero backlash is required.

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Concurve gearing is an innovative gear tooth design offering advantages for coarse-pitch gearing applications.


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Depending on your application and time requirements, Spiroid will follow one of only two process paths leading from initial inquiry to quotation. Each path requires active communication and discovery from both Spiroid and its prospective customers. Learn More...

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