Spiroid and Helicon Gears

The Spiroid brand includes two similar gearing solutions, Spiroid® Gears and Helicon® Gears. These gear sets are comprised of a pinion and a face-gear operating in non-intersecting and non-parallel axes. By definition, the pinion has fewer teeth and is typically the driving member. This category of gearing is often referred to as “skew axis”.

Spiroid and Helicon gear systems are advantageous in that they broaden gearing design opportunities restricted by the physical limitations of conventional gearing. In essence, they represent another powerful design option for engineers looking to transmit higher torques, within smaller spaces, at 90-degree gearbox angles. Spiroid and Helicon: maximum power density in a right angle gearbox solution.

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Depending on the application, Spiroid and Helicon gear systems will often offer these important benefits:

  • Superior torque transmission & power density
  • Compact & lightweight relative to application-specific alternatives
  • Wide range of reduction gearing ratios (3:1 to 400:1)
  • Ease of assembly & liberal mounting tolerances
  • Simple & positive backlash control
  • High stiffness
  • Quiet operation
  • Superior shock strength
  • High level of indexing & rotational accuracy
  • Versatility of gear set materials
  • Cost savings due to design flexibility