The Spiroid Process

If you’re new to Spiroid and eager for a quote, we want to help. Depending on your application’s lead time requirement, cost targets, and specification flexibility, you may choose from one of two options:

  1. A gear set made from one of our 3,000+ inventoried (stock) cutting tools. This option may require a specification ‘range’ that is acceptable for one or more of the primary design criteria (OD, reduction ratio, gear type, gear hand, etc.)
  2. A gear set designed from scratch. This option requires the design of a custom cutting tool and extends the amount of time necessary to provide a quote.

We have detailed these two options – and all the steps they entail – in the ‘Stock’ and ‘Custom’ process links below. Please note that both of these processes move along faster when our customers provide complete information on the front end of the discovery phase. (see Application Data Sheet)

Stock Tool Quote

Stock cutting tool inquiry to quote process

Custom Tool Quote

Spiroid inquiry to quote process