high torque gears Spiroid GearingSpiroid® gearing technology has helped keep commercial and military aircraft safely in the air for over 40 years with our aerospace gears.

Occasionally, traditional gearing technology will lack the design flexibility and torque capacity required within the space and weight constraints of modern Aerospace applications. In these instances, Spiroid® gearing technology rises to the occasion.

With a high torque-to-space ratio, superior shock strength and wide-ranging design flexibility, Spiroid’s loose gear and small 90 degree gearbox designs are ideally suited to a variety of commercial and military aviation and aerospace applications. This provides Aerospace design engineers with an additional design tool capable of breaking through the most persistent and difficult Aerospace design requirements.

Whether we’re helping you design flap actuators or positive-engagement Endicon® couplings for commercial and military aviation or space flight, Spiroid® gear systems have been – and will always be – up to the task.

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