Over countless applications and almost 60 years of design and manufacturing experience, our team at Spiroid has built up quite a repository of knowledge on the subject of high torque, right angle gear reducers. The following is a list of 10 ways we put that knowledge to good use as a Subject Matter Expert – for you!

10.  AS9100 certification

This stringent certification allows us to compete for restricted aerospace and defense applications. It also provides the foundation for an operational process that is both robust and continually improving. At its core, AS9100 ensures that we are doing everything we can to deliver high-quality parts, on time, to our customers.

9.  Industry-specific knowledge

Our many years of service have afforded us the opportunity to provide products across a wide range of industries. From fishing reels to fighter jets, nuclear plants to new-age robotics, light rail to light actuators, missiles to medical devices – and many more… we’ve been there and done that.

8.  Working experience with a variety of materials and associated heat treatments

With experience across so many applications and industries, we’ve likely reviewed and used any material you’re considering – and we understand the adjacent processes.

7.  Ability to customize specifically around your application

There are a few companies who claim to understand Spiroid gearing technology but we’d be willing to bet that none of them can match our ability to customize a gear set to your application. Why? Because we have… (see number 6)

6.  A deep, math & theory-based understanding of Spiroid & Helicon technology

Simply put, we learned directly from the inventor of Spiroid, Oliver Saari. We have a depth and breadth of Spiroid-specific knowledge that is unmatched. While others may focus on off-the-shelf gear sets and stay away from customization because that’s what their comfort zone demands, we thrive on customizing our technology to meet the needs of new and exciting application challenges.

5.  U.S. based for sensitive Aerospace & Defense applications

Being a US-based company allows us to design and produce gear sets for applications unavailable to foreign gear manufacturers. We’ve been serving U.S. defense interests for over 4 decades – and we’re proud of it.

4.  Over 3,000 inventoried cutting tools

While we have the knowledge and skills to customize a gear set specifically to your application, we also have the luxury of access to almost 3,500 cutting tools. If your application is tight on time and somewhat flexible when it comes to design parameters, this may be your best alternative. No other Spiroid-based gear manufacturer has this type of hob inventory at its disposal.

3.  Proprietary Spiroid design software

Because of our direct lineage to the origins of the Spiroid technology – and the foundation of deep math understanding that it affords us – we are fortunate to be able to use a dynamic, one-of-a-kind design software that is unique to Spiroid. This software allows us to quickly review torque and efficiency parameters for any conceivable gear set, existing or imagined.

2.  Access to – and experience with – a vast Rolodex of vendors & suppliers

The longer you do something in a particular space, the more good people you get to know. Through years and years of vetting and relationship-building, we are fortunate to have developed an extensive list of vendors and suppliers that are ready to help with your application at the drop of a hat.

1.  50+ years of experience

One single fact – that we’ve been learning and perfecting our trade for almost 60 years – enables all the rest. There is no other company on the planet who can make such a claim when it comes to Spiroid’s unique high-torque, right angle gearing.