As this year draws to a close, we Spiroidians thought it might be an appropriate time to look in the REarview and highlight five of our favorite moments, decisions and/or actions from the previous twelve months:

1. Re-commit

2016 saw the conclusion of an 18-month process recommitting to the Spiroid brand. Early in its history, Spiroid was a core product – a centerpiece and focal point of an entire business. While its 2006 transition to Heartland was mutually beneficial, in some ways Spiroid’s brand equity – as earned over the previous 40+ years – got lost in the shuffle. 2016 was the year Heartland and Spiroid recommitted to the Spiroid brand.

2. Re-fine

In order to better serve our new and existing customers, we decided that a recommitment to the Spiroid brand must also include a refinement of our processes. To that end, we clarified our Theoretical Performance Ratings, simplified our Application Data Sheet, digitized our 3,000+ catalog of cutting tools and standardized our Process Deliverables so that our customers can expect the same data and documentation every time, for every new application.  Best of all, these refined processes have reduced – by more than 50% – the amount of time it takes for our customers to receive the information they desire.

3. Re-brand

While it’s admittedly a subtle change, we opted for a slight tweak to the logo (added the ‘High Torque Gearing’ tagline) and a consistent brand standard across all published documents. We felt this was necessary to do justice to the overall effort. The new brand standard and logo are evidenced throughout this site.

4. Re-purpose

Speaking of this site, it became evident early on that in order for any of the above to have an impact, we needed to re-purpose all previous Spiroid content into a new, improved, Spiroid-dedicated website. With that in mind, the URL was purchased and we were off and running, committed to making it a living and continually improving space for all things Spiroid.

5. Re-veal

Finally, with the majority of the site and supporting pieces in place, we launched in September and began taking the necessary steps to let the world know we’re here. Our message: if anyone has a challenging gear reducer application where space and torque are highly valued, we can help!