ITW Heartland teams up with Foremost Media & Creative Connection to launch

ITW Heartland, a leading producer of precision engineered machines, parts, gears and electro-mechanical products, is excited to announce the launch of a new Spiroid-focused website,

This new site recognizes the need for a single, dedicated space to drive awareness and knowledge about the Spiroid product portfolio. Randy Meyer, ITW Heartland’s Director of Operations, states “The Spiroid group of gear products have a long and successful brand heritage, but unfortunately they’ve been underserved when it comes to promoting them in the marketplace. Our first step toward correcting this is to dedicate a unique digital space to Spiroid gearing.”

To facilitate this addition, ITW Heartland leaned on a couple of long-standing relationships with Foremost Media (Janesville, WI) and Creative Connection (Burnsville, MN). Per Meyer, “Foremost’s long and successful track record with other ITW business units made their involvement a no-brainer. Likewise, we’ve come to appreciate and trust Creative Connection’s ability to design and create good-looking branding and marketing collateral. We had a talented team helping us get this site up and running.” Meyer hopes becomes a go-to destination for Mechanical and Design Engineers looking to support applications with complex or challenging inline and right angle gear reducer needs.

About Spiroid
The Spiroid & Helicon gearing brands are comprised of a pinion and a face-gear operating in non-intersecting and non-parallel axes – often referred to as ‘skew axis’. Spiroid and Helicon are advantageous in that they broaden gearing design opportunities restricted by the physical limitations of conventional gearing. Spiroid and Helicon represent a powerful design alternative for engineers looking to transmit higher torques, within smaller spaces, at right angles. Spiroid and Helicon: maximum power density in a right angle gearing solution.