For over 60-years, engineers have relied on Spiroid® gear technology as the trusted source for power dense, high torque, application-specific gearing solutions across a wide range of industries throughout the world.

The Spiroid® gear technology is ideal for high torque robotics applications. Spiroid’s high torque, power-dense gearing enables robotics engineers to achieve maximum torque outputs within less weight and space.

What Makes Spiroid High Torque Gearing Ideal for Professional Robotics Applications?

Higher torque – Spiroid high torque gearing is ideal for use in robotics, aerospace, and defense. The Spiroid® gear technology allows for a higher torque output within a small space and weight, compared to other gear forms.

Power dense – The power density of the Spiroid® gear technology is its most significant attribute as it relates to professional robotics applications. This power density is the result of the high contact ratio between the pinion threads and the gear teeth.

Application-specific design – Spiroid gearing technology offers endless customization and design flexibility.

AS9100:2015+AS9100D certified – The AS9100 series certification is the gold standard in quality management systems.

Spiroid high torque gearing solutions are used in a variety of robotic applications, including:

  • Bomb disposal
  • Industrial robotics
  • Precision welding
  • Unmanned air and ground vehicles
  • Human rehabilitation, such as rehab robots
  • Remote surgery – Spiroid’s precision and high torque for technology’s accuracy and high torque to size ratio are optimal for power transmission in robotic surgery applications and medical hand tools.

The Key Benefits of Spiroid High Torque Gearing in the Robotics Industry

Higher torque outputs – Spiroid high torque gearing solutions provide higher torque in smaller packages.

High-density right-angle power – This technology provides unique and flexible design capability.

Ratio flexibility from 3:1 to 400:1 – Spiroid high torque gearing has a wide range of reduction ratios, reducing speeds through ratios ranging from 3:1 to almost 400:1 in a single stage. Comparatively, most other right-angle gear forms require a minimum of two stages of reduction to achieve such high ratios. There are simply no other right-angle gear forms that are capable of spanning these wide ranges of ratios.

Thru-hole capability – Spiroid accommodates through-hole in the face gear of robotics applications without compromising its performance integrity.

Positive backlash control with superior shock strength – Spiroid gears are impervious to their axial position, which enables backlash adjustment by simply moving the gear along its axis. Spiroid pinions can be adjusted within a specific range for fixed backlash control. Only Spiroid® gear technology offers such a direct, flexible interface.

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Spiroid high torque gearing offers unlimited opportunities for design engineers to achieve comparable torque outputs while utilizing less weight and space. This unique technology is ideal for several robotics applications, unmatched by our competitors.

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